The World

Pakistan currently has the largest population at around 1300 (more than half of all players). The next largest population is Spain, which has about a little less than half as many players as Pakistan. Next is Romania, with about a third as many players as Pakistan, and then of course the rest of the piddly little insignificant countries (LOL AMERIKKA). Other countries will not be as organized and efficiant as Pakistan (such as paying higher wages, competing amoung itself, tendency to buy foreign products, lower percentage of military, etc.) so no single nation can stand against us.

Once the bugs are worked out of the program and our economy is going Dio will give us instructions on how to deal with other countries (IE, INVADE).



Those goofy Spaniards like to whine about how Pakistan is rising to zerg rush them, and accuse us of cheating. This is a vile putrid lie and a slight against our righteous and honorable country, and will be duly avenged in time.


Swedes are pig disgusting. Recently, the Swedish inflation has come from several websites, notably flashback, which has a reputation much like /b/, and We must bring peace to the Swedes, and get others against them, but they are doing our job for us. Poorly written and warlike posts from them have brought Pakistan into the light as the lesser of 2 evils. Hopefully, if we can recruit more, than we can defeat the Swedes.



You know the deal.


There are a lot of realismfags in America who thing they are playing some kind of big important world simulator. Troll them in kind (Remember rules 1 and 2, assholes.)


Some countries are trying to sell cheap food. Do not buy it it's PIG DISGUSTING.


Some dudes from /a/ are creating a colony in Japan, for whatever reason (probably to pretend that they live there). They shall eventually become a Pakistani Colony.


Some player was trying to take control of the Indian Government. We'll see how that plays out.


Their leader Cicero has made an exclusive contract with God-Emperor of Mankind Dio to sell cheap food to Pakistan due to the current employment crisis. They are the first stepping stone on our road to domination.

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