Starting Out

This page will help newcomers deal with the complex demands of Erepublik.

How to join the game

You need to receive an invite to your email address in order to join the game. To get an invite, you can:

1. Post your email on a Erepublik thread on /v/
2. Post your email here on the /v/akistan forums. <- Don't bother with this anymore, since it's pretty much dead now.

How to join /v/akistan

When you register your account, remember to choose Pakistan as your country. Fill all the other fields as you like.

After you have succesfully registered, you need to join the party "Stardust Crusaders". Go to the "Politics" tab at the top of the page to join a party.


Join the irc. We're on the normal chan server, the channel being #/v/akistan

This is pretty much the best bit of it all where we can discuss nigerchanger and other such things

How to get a job

Go to the "Economy" tab and click "Find a job". Fill out the page and ask for 3 PKR payment. You can change job anytime you want. You should also send a message to Silph Co. who will offer you your first job.

After this, you have to wait for someone to hire you. Do not make your own company. You will eventually receive a message asking you to join a company. You may get several offers, if one doesn't work - another will.

After you have been hired, work. You can only work once a day. You'll get PKR and some skill in whatever industry you were working.

Joining the military

Everyone can work and be in the military at the same time, so everyone should become a soldier. After you have joined the military, train. You can only train once a day.

What then?

After you have worked and trained, your work is pretty much over for the day. Pakistan Time (in other words, when a new day begins) is at 08:00 GMT/03:00 am EST. Erepublik is very slow-paced, so if you can't handle waiting, you probably shouldn't be playing this in the first place.


Read the newspapers, create your own, troll, lol, post tablecat. Whatever. This is where you should check for all the latest news and other stupid shit.


Arguably more fun than wars, the forums are a hive of serious business fags, and blindingly patriotic nationalists who fly off the handle every five minutes. Insulting someone's religion is a good way to get an instant 500+ posts.


You could always try to recruit more members. Remember, that we are /v/akistan, so you should mainly try to recruit people from /v/. We don't really want random pubfags to join our party.
Recruitan earns you GOLDS, so it is recommended you do this. It also allows us to build up to a ZERGRUSH.


Donate gold to Dio Brando, the leader of our country, and to our Vault. DO NOT donate to the party. Do not donate PKR, since you need it to live. To donate, go to Dio's profile and scroll down until you find the donate field.

Buying food and other things

For the first 5 days you will not need to buy food. We should be generating enough food for everyone. All you need to know is that by the time you run out of food, more will be more available to purchase. Remember to only buy Pakistan food. Do not buy foreign food!

EDIT: Our holy God-King Dio has made a deal with the French people, so you can buy French food if you feel like it. The company is called Carrefour.

IMPORTANT! Eating food

You only consume one food per day. You also start the game with 5 food.This means you won't need food for five days, and after, it takes three days before your wellness starts to drop (by 2%) due to starvation. So if there is no Pakistan food on the market, just wait for it. And only buy 2-3 food when you buy.

What about housing, weapons, etc…?

Houses will appear sporadically, check the market daily. As will weapons, which you should look to invest in as you get surplus pakibucks.


The most enjoyable part of the game. Wars will happen every now and then, check the media to know whats happening. They're simple, and very buggy, so prepare to both lol and rage simultaneously.

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