Something Smells Rotten In Pakistan

Writer: Joseangel
Paper: Libertad
Nation: Spain
Date: Nov 30, 2007

You are probably unaware of a new threat to your country, to all free countries. This enemy doesn't show in the "Best of Erepublik" list or any other stats, except for one: the most populated countries. As you can see in "Society stats", Pakistan is already #2 in population with 175 citizens. And their employment rate is amazingly high. How have they achieved this so fast? And how come they are nowhere in the "Top economy" list? Why is this a threat?

Some research will lead you to the answers. I did my share and this is what I found out:

1.- 152 out of the 175 citizens in Pakistan belong to the Stardust Crusaders party.
2.- Many users are born, get a job, and start donating all they have, all in few hours. 20 of them got the 50 GOLD for pioneering Pakistan, of course.
3.- Some other users sign up and soon receive all this gold from a number of other Pakistanis.
4.- The economy is so small cause people ask for a very low salary: they work for the minimum wage. No free market dynamics.
5.- A few companies do all the work: Idort weapons, Delicious Caek, Big bricks… But all their income are donations, no sales so far, not even in food!

How can they do things so quickly? Some of them are already banned. Do these practices show farming accounts? Is it a small group of users with many fake accounts?
What I can tell you now is that their purpose is military conquest, and they are playing with different rules. In this virtual world of Erepublik, like in any other designed by men (who cannot imitate the benefits of spontaneous order), a strong organization is more important than free will or innovation. This is the main bug of these games: undercovered totalitarism is more effective than freedom.

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Learn about spontaneous order from Hayek:

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