SCOOP: PAKISTAN's plan for world domination.

Writer: Joseangel
Paper: Libertad
Nation: Spain
Date: Dec 1, 2007

Pakistani citizens have a reason to sacrifice for their leader: they've been promised the world. They have sacrificed their individual progress for what they call their "Reich". However, totalitarism will collapse if it is not fed with slaves. It's a snowball that will melt down if it stops rolling: their people are voluntary slaves until we take their place in the rowing line. But who are "they"?

Here you can find a clear expression of their prupose:
"In our expanding Reich, there will soon be empty seats to fill, and new provinces to rule over."
"We will soon go to war. And war is a matter of life and death. It is just a matter of time before the whole world begins to turn against us."

And this is the manifest of their leader:

Dio Brando's guide to world domination:

1. Put email adress in thread
2. Wait for someone to invite
3. Register, Choose Pakistan as home country
4. Put up a CV, get hired by someone (food and house industry plix)
5. Work!
6. Join the party Stardust Crusaders
7. Become a soldier
8. Train
9. Recruit more people
10. Donate gold to owners of the companies


FAQ…for the fags!

Ask for 2PKR


Donate it to the company owners


This is SECRET CLUB. Guess


Recruit, browse SECRET CLUB, drink tea, watch the world map, listen to the "Pinky & The Brain" tune



Now, who are they? What is this SECRET CLUB?


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