Writer: Siddy
Paper: El NO-DO
Nation: Argentina
Date: Dec 2, 2007

The truth inside

We recently have received the visit of a large group of people who were pakistanis. Many people, included myself, given them a warm welcome to our small but growing world. FATAL ERROR.

Some banishments and very rude comments made me suspicious. That's what I've found.

First: Almost all members of Pakistan are part of a community based on pornography and videogames called 4chan, it can be easily found googleing it.

Second: They conspire in a invisionboard forum: This one.

All the planned things that are being developed in pakistan are on this forum, based on the pornographic community of 4chan.

There are revelating articles in this forum saying all the info I will provide now

Third: They plan to conquer the world and destroy the game. It is said on that forum.

Fourth: They did it before. They forced another game, called Lunar Wars, administrator, to close it's webpage thanks to them. Was reopened again but the damage was dealt, and wasn't light.

Fifth: They're using fake accounts to take over other countries (at this moment Japan and India) so make them puppets of Pakistan.

Sixth They also have a wiki, with clear indications of what will they do.

That's what Pakistan is sires. Beware.

Information brought to you by Siddy (I told you guys of not being rude)

We must stop them. For our countries, for the game, and for our own sake as decent persons

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