Current number of soldiers enrolled: 712

Current wars: ROMANIA vs. HUNGARY + PEACE
We fight on the side of our allies HUNGARY

Basic Warran

Before You Fight

-You should have at least 50 wellness, or you will get slaughtered almost every time.
-If you don't have a weapon, don't even bother fighting, you take a 50% decrease in power if you do.
-Fight in the region that you are told to fight in. If there are times (like now) when there are no immediate orders, then choose a region that you think you might win in, or just pick one at random, it really doesn't matter.

After the Fight

-This is the most important thing, when you fight, fight until you "die" (have 10 wellness)
-The reason is so you con use the hospital
[] on that page
-You must use the hospital on the same day you fight, or it will not let you use it

The rest is up to you, go forth and fight!


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