FINAL SCOOP: All The Truth Behind Pakistan

Writer: Joseangel
Paper: Libertad
Nation: Spain
Date: Dec 2, 2007

There had to be a logical explanation for such a quick rise, the coordination and complicity pointed at external mechanisms. And finally, here is the explanation: Pakistan's leader and people come from an online community, their "Secret Club", named 4chan:

And more specifically, their videogames section, /v/ in their aphabetical index.

You can read all about them in Wikipedia:
"4chan is an English language imageboard based on the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channel. This imageboard is based primarily around the posting of pictures (generally related to anime, manga, and popular culture) and their discussion."

They have created an irc channel to coordinate their participation in Erepublik, room #/v/akistan on the server.

This closes the series of scoops "Pakistan rising".

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