Current Events

Similar to the newspaper in the game, this will contain the latest happenings in the game world.

Love is over

The military aspect of Erepublik isn't implimented yet, so go home. No invading any worlds today.


First: Almost all members of Pakistan are part of a community based on pornography and videogames called 4chan, it can be easily found googleing it.
Second: They conspire in a invisionboard forum: This one.
All the planned things that are being developed in pakistan are on this forum, based on the pornographic community of 4chan. : full source reference

FINAL SCOOP: All the truth behind Pakistan

There had to be a logical explanation for such a quick rise, the coordination and complicity pointed at external mechanisms. And finally, here is the explanation: Pakistan's leader and people come from an online community, their "Secret Club", named 4chan:

Alliance with France

Apparently our Supreme Imam Dio-Brando has worked out an alliance with the Entrepreneur Cicero from Paris, France.

Nowhere near as Pig-Disgusting as Spain, Cicero has agreed to sell us Croissants for a low price of 3.3 PKR. But don't buy in stacks of more than 3. Sacrifice for Pakistan.



Today on 12/02/07, We've recieved the official leadership of our new president of Stardust Crusaders, Dio Brando.

We of Pakistan are all rejoicing over this wonderful news and await his leadership decisions.

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