/v/akistan Charter

Stardust Crusaders (/v/)


Article I. Declaration of Direction
Article II. Politics
Article III. Rights and Requirements
Article IV. Symbolism and Ideology
Article V. Foreign Policy
Article VI. War and Justice


We, the Pakistani people, hereby swear complete fealty and allegiance to the Greater Stardust Crusaders. We solemnly swear to uphold the charter and all the values emphasized therein as law, and pledge undying loyalty to the illustrious vanguard of the Pakistani people, the Triumvirate, and Dio Brando of the Legion and his government. We furthermore pledge to fight treason, cowardice, and desertion within the confines of the unified Fatherland, even unto death. Our honor is our loyalty, Hail the Legion! Pride! Power! Pakistan!

Article I: Declaration of Direction

The Unified Pakistani Empire of the Indus region and Kashmir Federation, or Stardust Crusaders as it shall henceforth be officially christened, is a Pakistani party that upholds the principles of Islamic cultural preservation and manifestation, centered around Communist Nationalism as it’s central tenant. Thus, the Legion stands in firm opposition to the corrupting influences and shortcomings of worldwide capitalism, and all it's forms, finding them as incompatible with the preservation and manifestation of Pakistan, the Middle East, and the rest of the World. Essentially based on /v/ culture, values and languages, the Legion although politically left-wing, welcomes ideas straddling the political spectrum, welcoming members from all walks of life, so long as they do not embody or further a threat to the Legion. We are accordingly opposed to globalization of Capitalism, as it destroys cultures. The Legion (being a Pakistani party) therefore officially promotes and encourages Socialism (All forms) for revival of the values and hopefully efficiency of these worthy contributors to civilization of the world. United by blood, we strive to stand up to Capitalist forces and protect our unique culture.

Article II: Politics

The Legion is effectively a meritocratic-monarchy. Inspired in part by Imperial Deutschland and other various sources, the Legion’s political organization takes the checks and balances of representative democracy, the honor and zeal of limited monarchy, and the sheer efficiency of dictatorship.

The ultimate executive authority lies within the Imperial Triumvirate, a three-member Imperial council that acts as head of state. Wielding supreme executive power, the triumvirate members (called Battletoads. by nature, run the alliance with the Emperor almost as right hand men. They are of course elected by the Emperor. With control over the armed forces, ministries and ultimately, the alliance, the Triumvirate is equivalent to the executive branch of a Federal republic and the Monarch of a limited monarchy. The Triumvirate issues decrees/executive orders, and ratifies laws/amendments. Battletoads are revered and serve life terms unless they resign or are impeached by the two other Battletoads and then if a 2/3 majority of the Ondore ratify their removal. The Triumvirate is also capable of reversing a Imerpial decision unanimously, but only unanimously. Also acts of the Triumvirate are able to be vetoed by the Emperor.

The main legislative and judicial body is the Ondore. It is equivalent to the senate/house in a federal republic and the aristocracy/nobility in a monarchy. The Ondore appoints the Triumvirate, proposes laws/amendments, and acts as a judicial panel. Ondore's are elevated to their status on a basis of merit, and serve unlimited terms, so long as their meritorious activity allows it. There can only be nine Ondore's at any given time, and no member is allowed to hold the positions of a Battletoad and Ondore simultaneously. (Battletoad may be appointed as ministers in addition to their council office; however, a Ondore may hold no other political office aside from state and military governance).

The Triumvirate and the Ondores thus act as checks and balances on each other. Both councils hold the power of proportional vetoes.

If the Triumvirate issues a decree on a 2/3 decision, the dissenting Triarch may appeal to the Ondore's for review of the order. If 6/9 of the Ondore's decide to veto the decree, then the decision is nullified, and discussion for alternative solutions become necessary. Likewise, if the Ondore's passes a law or amendment, the Triumvirate can veto it. If it’s a 6/9 decision to pass the law, then only 2/3 Triarchs need to evoke their vetoes to nullify the law. Unanimous decisions can thus only be vetoed by unanimous decisions, leaving the issue at a stalemate, forcing the Emperor to decide. This apparatus also functions in the same manner on a judicial level. On a case-by-case issue, such as a court-martial involving desertion, forced reparations, etc, the Ondore-Triumvirate scale acts as a court of appeals. The council in question may hear the case, and verdicts are determined in the same manner as passing laws and decrees.

The Parliament is composed of meritous members who have access to government information and meetings, but no official power or say in government matters. They do, however, have access and participation in debates, and hence verbal power earned with merit. Parliament members may be appointed as ministers. They make up the active elements of the alliance and have seniority and opportunity for further advancement.

The last, but certainly not least group is the general populace, composed of the ordinary member base, new members and in actives alike. All have equal rights and opportunity. The general populace is composed of two symbolic sectors:

The people-The Pakistani members of the party, who uphold the central ideals of our charter and manifest nationalist qualities exclusive to /v/ society. May not be appointed to as a head of a ministry. Right of general assembly, an appointed commissioner moderates government suggestion and public concern.

The core Legion ministries headed by appointed by the Ondore's and Parliament members are: Propaganda and Recruitment, Security, Culture, Commerce, and Foreign Affairs. The military, deemed “SHOOTAN GAEMARS” is headed by the Triumvirate, and the Emperor exclusively in times of crisis.

The symbolic head, and physical head of the Legion is the Emperor, who has no term limit and acts as a figurehead and spokesperson for the alliance in times of peace. In emergency situations, the Emperor assumes ultimate executive authority and is allowed to use his own judgment in determining the correct course of action. If the current Emperor decides too leave office then the Triumvirate crowns the Emperor with a unanimous decision, and can also depose or veto the monarch's decision if it is controversial or problematic.

Thus, the Stardust Crusader's system functions smoothly with all branches of government organized in the smallest, most efficient manner possible, encouraging efficiency, justice, and steadfastness to ideals simultaneously, whilst promoting meritous action, in a truly Pakistani manner, hearkening back to the Legion itself.

Article III: Rights and Requirements

Members of the Legion are entitled to certain rights granted by the organization and bound by certain obligations and initial requirements.


  1. First and foremost, all members of the Legion are entitled to the protection and respect of the party and have the right to expect aid to be approved in times of crisis. This right is forfeited if the persons in question performs an act of aggression without the approval and justification of the Legion government and war department.
  2. All members of the Legion are entitled to discussion in a secure setting about issues in Erepublik.
  3. All members have the right to a stake in the Legion, by achieving great deeds for the party, furthering their own position and that of the Stardust Crusader's in a symbiotic relationship as opposed to a parasitic one.

Requirements, guidelines and obligations

  1. The Stardust Crusader's are a Pakistani party of cultural preservation and manifestation, with Communist nationalism as it’s unifying core. Therefore, ethnicity will be taken into consideration upon application. You must a citizen of the fatherland country Pakistan.
  2. With respect to everyone in the Legion everyone must work at their fullest in order to preserve the hard working image are country party depicts.
  3. Members of the Legion are expected to follow the orders and respect the decisions of the alliance. Therefore, as in all parties, the people are required to aid to allies in times of war.
  4. PKR's are the standard currency of the Legion, but Gold is also acceptable. PKR can be referred to as Dongs.
  5. The entire Legion is expected to behave in a civilized, respectful manner towards each other and the rest of the Erepublik. Some small lulz are of course acceptable, but don't cause effects that will put the Legion in jeopardy.
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!

Article IV: Symbolism and Ideology

As previously stated, the Legion is left-winged, however, it is by nature strongly opposed to the countless threats to it’s ideals of cultural preservation, particularly global consumerist-capitalism. Our Pakistani Nationalism is not only a way to enrich ourselves by promoting a unique culture. Our actions on Erepublik can reasonably be expected to ring true with these truths. Furthermore, it can be stated that loving our land and folk does not equal hating or condoning violence against other ethnicities/nations on a basis of hate and bigotry.

The Legion is accordingly strongly opposed to globalist capitalism in its purest form, as it’s very ideological structure promotes the dissolution and stagnation of Pakistani culture, and unofficially and ultimately, people.

The Legion uses symbolism spanning from all lives to emblems and ideas originating in Imperial Deutschland, revolutionary Cuba, and Early U.S.S.R., and even ones hearkening back to the ancient Indo-European migrations. Our official emblems also represent the Unified Pakistani Empire of the Indus region and Kashmir Federation Alliance.

Our crest is undetermined at the time.

Unofficially in our party, it can be expected to find a somewhat diverse political tendencies among our members, however, they are expected to abide by the parties' "biased" official decisions, as our political tendencies are also expected to be somewhat cohesive as well. We will accept many ideological proponents, as long as they do not represent that has been established as harmful to the Legion’s aims.

Article V: Foreign Policy

With respect to other parties, and countries and /v/ will treat these parties and countries with the respect and diplomacy they deserve, giving even ideologically opposed alliances a chance to solve issues through diplomacy in a civilized manner. If diplomacy fails to meet the interests of the alliance in any way, then and only then will war be an inevitable option. If attacked, it can be expected that the Legion will retaliate, and call for support from its allies.

The Legion, by nature, aims for what is best for them.

Which brings us to…

Article VI: War and Justice

For diplomacy to be truly effective, it is imperative that the Stardust Crusader's government does not allow individual members to attack other nations without the authentication and approval of the Triarchy. If a member chooses to act on it's own, it can expect to receive no aid for the particular conflict in question, and a warning not to let it happen again. Repeat offenders will risk expulsion.

Excepting cases of self defense, it is illegal to be at war with any nation without permission. In other words, ANY declaration of war in which the Legion member is the aggressor must FIRST be approved by Stardust Crusade government.

Treason/Espionage Clause

Discovered spies can expect exposure to war from the entire Party, be it through multiple nations or financing. Espionage/treason is to be treated as the highest crime against the Legion, and thus can expect the appropriate justice to be served. The penalty for treason is death, and any member can be expelled by the Triarchy at any time, without giving justification.

Desertion Clause

People who leave the party without justification and warning will be treated as deserters, especially in the case that they rip off material or ideas created by the Legion staff.

Deserters will be shot.

Take that as you will, the Stardust Crusader's does not tolerate treason or cowardice for selfish gain, especially in the name of capitalism at the cost of Pakistani Unity. Common good over the individual good.

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